Fate or Fated?

 Grand Master Ajarn AreeSometimes in life we have a choice and sometimes the choice is made for us regarding circumstance and opportunity. Last week saw us lose a teacher and brother from within our Krabi Krabong brotherhood, but it has also thrown open an opportunity for me to realise a dream and an ambition! Something I thought had passed me by.

I have lots of experience and I suppose many styles I have studied to a very high level, but this is where I belong I realise that. It is where I am meant to be and so I will try and embrace this opportunity 100% and help show the world the culture and beauty of this martial Art.

Anyone interested in practising authentic and practical krabi Krabong please get in touch you can visit us here or we are available to come to you.

Chu Gar Dao

Normally thought of as a hacking type of weapon lacking the subtlety of the straight sword or the beauty of the double broadsword.
In Chu Gar Kuen the broadsword is used at close range, it is supported by the free hand and is mainly used to slash and stab whilst simultaneously blocking and flowing into a deflection or strike, this is quite different from the usual way a Chinese broadsword is used, In Chu Gar Kuen there are no fancy or flowery techniques everything is functional, whats more important these techniques can then be translated into the empty hands and used alongside the other fists.


For any of you worried about travelling here, life is going on as normal, the Thai people are and continue to be wonderful people, life can be hard here as anywhere else in the world, so don’t let the media put you off meeting some of the best people you will ever meet and experiencing a culture rich in heritage. Support the Thai people not politics!!!

What should I do?

Zhu and chenWhen you don’t have as much time as you would like what is the best exercise to do?
I am relating this to Martial arts and not specific to all but certainly to the arts I am proficient in.

Sun Style Martial Arts

The Taiji form takes between 7-12 minutes to perform it can take longer of course so this is a good thing to practise as it has everything inside, my teacher related to me though that when you only have time to do one thing it should be Pi Quan, as it is everywhere in the Sun Style.

Krabi Krabong

The mother skills are the most important things here and if not a lot of time the martial dances are essential to hone your technique.


familiarity with weapons is essential but that can be achieved by doing Ammara, with any weapon not just sticks.

Muay Boraan

The essential things are the basic footwork and doing combinations, making the transitions smoothly, making sure you have good co ordination between hands and feet, shadow boxing essential here.

Hunyuan Chen Shi Xin Yi Taiji

Without a doubt the 24 step form contains all you need to improve with daily practise, this can do done in anything from 7-20 minutes depending on your time available, also the 12 step qigong is another thing you could supplement or just do stand alone if time limited.

Obviously there are a lot of exercises that will give you reward for the effort to do them, Master Feng Zhiqiang advocated standing in Wuji for 45 minutes a day, as well as doing form and qigong but in this modern world we don’t always have the luxury of training 7-8 hrs a day, we can practise before work or after, get up early, practise during lunch there are so many ways to get your training but you must enjoy it, the daily grind is the most important thing.

Sak Yant (again)

Wor jai settiToday I visited Dhuu Eak to have a chat and see how things are going and ended up having two Sak Yant.
I had been thinking of getting Ruesli Por Gae Sak yant for some time but had not been to see Dhuu so had not discussed it with him, but there was no problem he drew a Ruesli Por Gae for me but I preferred the one he had already and I also had a yant of Wor Jai Setti to round off the day.
My thanks to Dhuu Eak for his patience and kindness.Ruesli Por Gae

Cycling Chiangmai 1

Cycling in Thailand can be such a rewarding experience, the people are friendly and the roads not too bad as long as you have the right kind of bike and watch where you are going but the most important thing to have is awareness, some road users are as ignorant of cyclists as in other countries but in Thailand there are not that many rules regarding driving on the roads and they overtake, undertake┬ádon’t┬ásignal when turning just stop where they please even in the middle of the road, motorbikes go the wrong way on main roads as there are not many right turns so instead of going to the next u turn junction they just drive on the wrong side putting faith in other road users and Buddha.

That said the weather is good although can be very hot and in Hang dong the pollution not bad at all really as I stick to the back roads mainly so rice fields and mountain views the norm.

I was hoping to get a bit further afield and write about traveliing to Lamphun or Lamphang but my little Japanese folder not up to the job so just local routes for me.