Fate or Fated?

 Grand Master Ajarn AreeSometimes in life we have a choice and sometimes the choice is made for us regarding circumstance and opportunity. Last week saw us lose a teacher and brother from within our Krabi Krabong brotherhood, but it has also thrown open an opportunity for me to realise a dream and an ambition! Something I thought had passed me by.

I have lots of experience and I suppose many styles I have studied to a very high level, but this is where I belong I realise that. It is where I am meant to be and so I will try and embrace this opportunity 100% and help show the world the culture and beauty of this martial Art.

Anyone interested in practising authentic and practical krabi Krabong please get in touch you can visit us here or we are available to come to you.

Sak Yant (again)

Wor jai settiToday I visited Dhuu Eak to have a chat and see how things are going and ended up having two Sak Yant.
I had been thinking of getting Ruesli Por Gae Sak yant for some time but had not been to see Dhuu so had not discussed it with him, but there was no problem he drew a Ruesli Por Gae for me but I preferred the one he had already and I also had a yant of Wor Jai Setti to round off the day.
My thanks to Dhuu Eak for his patience and kindness.Ruesli Por Gae

Sak Yant

After Phra Ajarn Gamtawn passed away i was not sure if I wanted any more tattoos, that is until my family were coming to visit and the husband of my niece wanted a tattoo. I searched and found a monk in a temple in San Sai who gave Sak Yant his name is Dhuu Eak. I visited him and he was very nice and I had seen the quality of his work on the abbot of the temple. I received three tattoos from him Hanuman, Pi Kanet and a hidden tattoo done in special infused oil.
If anybody reading this is interested in receiving a Sak Yant then please get in touch and I will help you as best as I can.


When I was living in the UK I was never one for tattoos, they never appealed to me as I could never understand the meaning, but obviously they meant a lot to the many people who have them and I respect them for that. When I had been living in Chiangmai for a year or so I had read a lot about the area where I live and also about Thai culture, I was already a Buddhist and so i decided to try and find a monk who could give me a Sak Yant (Sacred Tattoo). This was no easy task and it took me another two years of searching to find the monk who granted me the Sak Yant that I have today. The funny thing is he was in a temple about 10km away from where I live. I believe in the blessings, good fortune and attributes that they can bestow.

Sak Yant are done in a traditional manner with a rod about two feet long with a steel tip. I went to Wat Nong Kaem to meet Kruba Gamtawn, I wanted to ask him a single Sak Yant but ended up having 3 Tattoos done. Over the next year I have added more Sak Yant to my back and I now have had a total of 8 tattoos done by him. The best thing about the tattoos besides being done in the traditional way is that they are all done in the traditional Lanna script as opposed to the Khymer script normally used in Sak yant. Sadly Kruba Gamtawn passed away in 2010, but I will forever carry his skill and blessings.

Just recently I had added another Sak yant by another Monk. If you are reading this and are planning on visiting Chiangmai or if you are already living in Chiangmai and wish to receive a Sak Yant tattoo then please contact me and I will help with arrangements.

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