Chu Sifu

Chu Siu Woon




I first met Chu Sifu in 1981 and over the next 20 years he would help me become the person I am, the style of Gung Fu he taught was called Sil Lum Hung Kuen or Shaolin Red Fist boxing. The red was meant to denote the door which Shaolin monks left the temple after completing their training. It is a complete system.of Traditional Gung Fu with empty hand and weapon forms, Lion dancing and internal training. He taught me so much about martial arts how to practise and how to teach he showed me martial.virtue and how to be without ego and humble when meeting others in martial arts and to not be boastful. Along with John Farrell and Phil Morrell as my elder Gung Fu brothers guiding me as well I could not have wished for better friends.

He also taught me Chu Gar Kuen a system of short armed boxing from his teachers brother, and I will be forever grateful for all the gifts he bestowed on me. His generation of Gung Fu masters have all but become extinct and he is the last of his kind a true legend within the Martial Arts.

Thank you Sifu, Buddha bless you, my love and respect always.

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