Dog Brothers Seminar

This seminar organised by Krishna was the first DBMA in UK and Mark Denny was  the instructor. It was not that well attended for someone of this quality and considering the interest in this type of training it surprised me but I can only assume people thought it would be a gathering and so stayed away but it was a great seminar.

Mark was very technical and explained everything step by step and we then paired off and he came around to check at one point he used me as an example and stick grappled me to the ground and into half guard the applied a punch and choke combination really good stuff.

After the break Mark showed some stuff from Bando and utilising empty hand which was a great experience. Mark was full of anecdotes throughout the seminar and it was really good to hear about the gatherings first hand and about the others who founded DBMA.

The second seminar I attended with Mark was about a year later again organised by Krishna, this seminar would concentrate on the staff and double sticks, a lot of time was spent on the correct way to strike with the staff but again my training in Gung Fu helped and it showed as Mark made a video of us doing the techniques and was impressed with my skill level, I also demonstrated with him some double stick as he was checking everyone and it was a great experience to learn from him.

Though I never pursued DBMA I really liked Mark and his approach to teaching his art. It was a very good experience and helped me look at what I was doing in a new light.

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