Early Days (part 1 )

Just to give you the reader some background information. I was born in Salford and I grew up around there in the sixties and seventies. It was a great place to grow up and it prepared me for a lot of the things good and bad that happen in life.
My first experience of Martial Arts was the local judo club in the youth centre it was like being a punching bag as the older guys just threw us about. I stuck at it until I did a break-fall and slapped my hand on the wooden outer rim of the mat and that was enough. No such thing as health and safety like nowadays. It was the Bruce Lee era when I was in secondary school and like everyone else went around trying to emulate him jumping and screaming around the playground. My first real experience of Gung Fu was at the Martial Arts centre on Deansgate Manchester where I started to learn Wing Chun, after the centre closed I continued to train Wing Chun with Sam Kwok. After Sam Kwok closed his club I changed tack and decided to learn Thai Boxing at the famous Master Toddy’s gym on Newton Street.

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About Bob

I am a lifelong practitioner of Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts, I have also studied Krabi Krabong and Muay Boraan in Thailand, I have studied Chinese Tui Na and Thai massage and make my own linaments and balm. I have written various articles and also three novels and a biography of my life and travels as well as a book of poems

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