Funny thing…. Life!

As I am a Buddhist and live in Thailand I want to study Vippassana meditation, the main centre is Wat Rampoeng but it involves a 10 or 30 day retreat and with my family situation it is just not possible, anyway when I was visiting the hospital getting the dressing changed on my leg I met a monk who spoke excellent English and invited me to learn at his temple when I have time, the temple is not far from our house and I will definitely be visiting him and taking advantage of this great opportunity so it goes to show out of a bad situation something good can happen.

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I am a lifelong practitioner of Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts, I have also studied Krabi Krabong and Muay Boraan in Thailand, I have studied Chinese Tui Na and Thai massage and make my own linaments and balm. I have written various articles and also three novels and a biography of my life and travels as well as a book of poems

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