Sak Yant

Today I took a couple of new friends to get Sak Yant from Dhuu Eak.

They were over from Australia on Holiday and wanted to get Sak Yant before heading off on the rest of their trip.

I picked them up from the hotel at about 8.45am then we drove to the temple and arrived before 10am.

They were both having Baert Dit,  but a different variation.

In total it took about 4 hours for both tattoos but the guys were really happy.

I dropped them at their hotel then dropped Dhuu Eak at Wat Chedi Leung as he was studying today.

All in all a long but productive day and it was great to see and speak to Dhuu after such a long time.

Anyone interested in getting a Sak Yant can contact me for help.

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