I shed a tear on days like this, I shed a tear that I may never kiss the baby that was and the man that now is but I chose this path and the pain is mine to feel.
Time goes so quick from a baby to a man a blink of an eye it seems to me but my blood flows in him like it does in me  and whatever happens this will always be. My son you mean more than I say and though we talk nearly every day I know I never say I am proud of what you have achieved the pain you have suffered and bore with resolve determined to succeed in what you do and my son I love you.
Happy Birthday.

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I am a lifelong practitioner of Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts, I have also studied Krabi Krabong and Muay Boraan in Thailand, I have studied Chinese Tui Na and Thai massage and make my own linaments and balm. I have written various articles and also three novels and a biography of my life and travels as well as a book of poems

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