Stance work is it needed?

Chu Siu Woon

Chu Siu Woon

Over the many years I have been training I have learned a wide variety of stances for the different martial arts. This is not footwork, but individual stances that make up an arts base foundation. Is there still a place for them in the modern world should we adapt or just give them brief acknowledgment?

Initially stances were taught as a basic foundation and strength building exercise there comes a time during stance training where muscles are tired and so it falls to the tendons and skeleton to support the body. This causes it to develop a different type of strength, one that is long lasting. It is also good training for the mind, I have spent a long time holding the San Ti posture from Xing Yi and it does train your mind and gives you time to feel what is happening to your body and if you are holding the correct shape.

Going back to my initial question, do you think traditional stances and stance training are relevant. Yes I do the benefits far outweigh the negatives and it will build a foundation for you to carry on in other arts you may study.

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