Strange tales

Over the years at Master Chu’s I saw many strange things and though some people are sceptical, I was there and saw them with my own eyes.

The first thing was that the incense sticks that were left after they had burnt. They used to burn from the underneath and turn to ash. I asked Sifu one day why this was and he said “Because he was so busy treating people for nothing, he was too busy to clean the temple so he asked Kwan Kung to help and so Kwan Kung cleaned the incense sticks”. It was said matter-of-factly, as if an everyday occurrence for him though difficult for me to believe but I can offer no other explanation.

Another time a friend of Sifu’s came to the school, she was interested in the temple and Sifu explained what Kwan Kung did. She did not believe him so he said he would ask Kwan Kung to show himself to her. We went into Sifu’s office and waited, a few seconds later we heard a scream and the friend ran into the office and explained she had been looking at the statue of Kwan Kung when it opened its eyes and looked at her she became scared and ran away. Needless to say she did not come back and Sifu and I laughed about it.

One day Sifu was teaching me to transmit energy to an inanimate object and I could not get it, he disappeared for a few moments and came back with an envelope. He gave me the envelope and had me stand at the wall opposite him about twenty feet away, then he started to focus his palm at the envelope first starting at about six feet then making his way back toward the opposite wall to me the envelope was getting hot and by the time he got to the other wall I could not hold it! Sifu laughed took the envelope from me ripped it open and poured out sand onto the floor nothing else just sand, then he walked away laughing.

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