Sun Style Bagua Zhang

Sun style Bagua is unique in that it only walks the circle there are no straight line forms just a single palm change, a double palm change and the eight animal palm changes. The stepping we use is also unique in that it is not the sliding step commonly associated with Bagua but a more natural step to aid in the main attribute we get from this art speed and agility.

Ding Bu (Formulate step)

This is the beginning and it is important at this stage to make sure that the correct stepping is learned and also that it is incorporated into your daily walking regime so that it becomes a natural step. The next stage is to start to walk in a circle it is important to start out very slowly and make sure that each step is correct and that balance can be maintained throughout walking the circle at this stage the single palm change can be learned and incorporated into the daily walking regime, again it is important that equality is maintained when doing the palm change in that an even number of changes on the left and right is performed.

Huo Bu (free step)

At this level the double palm change and the eight animal forms are learned, the steps become much more fluent and speed can be increased, the applications can be also learned at this stage and the art begins to take shape, theory can be introduced and the Dao De Jing and the I Jing are important works to be studied.

Bian Zhang (change as you please)

This is the last level of training and the art is completely internalised and can be used in any way with no fixed patterns it adapts to the opponent and moves with a purpose both with fluidity and speed.

The above levels correspond to the other levels in both Xing Yi and Taiji within Sunstyle and although can be practiced separately the benefit is in working toward all levels in all three arts so that full development can be gained.

Bagua Jian

This is the only weapon within Sun Style Bagua and is a variation on the form originally learned by Sun Lu Tang from Cheng Ting Hua.

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