Sun Style Taiji

There are many different styles of Tai Chi, some of which can aid a healthy lifestyle, some followers believe it can cure health problems of modern living, helping to de-stress the rigours of daily life, but Sun Style Tai Chi does all that and much more.

Developed by the famous Chinese Martial Artist Sun Lu Tang, this style incorporates all three of China’s most famous internal martial arts training: Tai Chi, Xing Yi (pronounced: shing-yee) and Bagua Zhang (pronounced baa-gooaa jzhang). Sun Lu Tang was a scholar boxer and an innovator of martial arts. He was able to synthesise these different elements into a complete set of movements that incorporate health as well as martial benefits, but do not detract from the original systems but standardise their basic similarities.

Sun Style Tai Chi uses the stepping and agility from Xing Yi and Bagua with the relaxed body of Tai Chi. It has the practicality of using the whole body in a relaxed way to keep the joints and muscles moving without the strain of holding postures. It uses alignments from Xing Yi to make sure that the knees do not suffer and that energy is allowed to flow and aid in good health.

Because use of the following step is used in the Sun Style Tai Chi form, it is very practical when we come to use the style, but it is also good for balance and coordination. The form can be adapted for many disabilities and this makes the Sun Style more accessible and enjoyable to a wider range of people young and old, It has particularly been shown to help with arthritis in that the gentle movements and correct alignments can help to strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints over a period of time and so help the sufferer deal with this debilitating disease.

Sun Style Tai Chi is the youngest of the five styles recognised by the Chinese government, but it is also a rare style to find and a jewel within the crown of Chinese martial arts. It is unique in its training and form and, through the lineage of my teacher Lei Shi Tai, I have been fortunate to have access to a pure and little changed form from when his grandfather learned directly from Sun Lu Tang in the 1920s. My teacher describes it beautifully, I think, when he says Sun Style Tai Chi is “like the water that runs or clouds that slip on a windy day”.

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I am available for workshops in all aspects of Sun Style Tai Chi and related arts and corporate training can also be arranged.

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