Taiji Stick and Ruler 3

Within Hunyuan we have three stages of practice for the Stick and Ruler.

1. The first stage is to be familiar with the movements and the sequence of movements, to practice them in the order as you are taught and that way the mind and body will get used to the movements and be familiar and comfortable doing them

2. The second stage is matching the breathing to the movements, doing it in a natural way and not forcing the breath or holding it. Energy will develop naturally and can be felt in the Dan Tian.

3. The third stage is to use the mind and will to move the developed energy around the body through the various channels to bring about health and vitality.

If possible practice in a pleasing environment free from distractions and pollution, wear loose fitting clothing and warm up slightly before doing the movements of Stick and Ruler. This way you can get maximum benefit from the practice.

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