Training when not 100%

I have an infection at the moment and the tablets I am taking make me feel tired but I am still managing to train daily but is the training doing me any good? I think sometimes I am working against myself and going backwards as the idea of exercise is to improve our health and by training am I emptying the tank instead of topping it up. Hunyuan is a decent workout for Taiji and when I am 100% I get great results from the daily training and feel really healthy.

With my experience I feel I understand my body enough to realise if I am doing more harm than good. Daily training has always helped me in the past to overcome illness and stress, so I think I will persevere and see how things go. I can ease up if I need too, but really feel I need to train everyday to gain more understanding of how the Hunyuan works.

I don’t recommend this for everyone as if I had injured a joint or muscle would approach my training differently and maybe just do some standing Qigong if able or sitting if not able to stand or balance. The mind is the key to this type of training! I hope anyone reading this who has similar or other injuries can gain something from it and if I can help with any advice please get in touch.

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